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2. Privacy policy We always protect our clients privacy.we protect your personal information and phone numbers lists to not be shared with 3rd parties.
You have to inform us if you have changed your phone number or its been stolen by someone or lost.

3. Disclaimer Company is not responsible of any misuse of the service.
Company allows you to send any kind of advertising & campaigns except illegal content types (Rasim speech, Scam, Abusing, Porn content ... etc).

4. Intellectual property rights All content and brands are protected against in-fragmentation and fraud.
All rights of all brands name or the right of innovation , scientific are protected from being stolen or spreading under fraud names.

5. Breach Company has the right to stop any member actions if :
6. Indemnity You agree to not causing any harmful action to Company members , company , employee and each visitor of Company. 7. Clarification Company counts each sending process for valid number only.
Each sending process costs you according to how many numbers you are going to send to.
8. Guaranty Company guarantee the delivery of all messages which been or going to be sent by using our own system , the maximum delivery of the messages is 24 hours if it take much time.